Who says parties have to be loud?

Do you have a venue that has noise restrictions?

Do you have a very diverse group that might like different music?

Do you just want a unique and epic party?

Well we have the answer…


If you have never experienced the fun of a silent disco, you truly are missing out. We offer this dynamic service to the entire Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area. Our system allows you to have up to three different music or sound sources. So you can have up to THREE DJs, or just one DJ and two other music sources. The possibilities of how you want to shape your party are endless. This can be utilized for Weddings, Private Parties, Fitness Events, School Events, and MORE.

We think that bringing DC Silent Disco availability is a game-changer for many event types. Weddings especially will benefit because so many of the venues in our area have noise restrictions. Though we LOVE these venues, it really limits a party when the music is so low that you can’t hear it over talking. With the Silent Disco system, your guests can choose the volume right on the headphones, along with which source or DJ they want to listen to. Our headphones deliver great bass and clear music, making for an awesome experience. Contact us today to get pricing and get one step closer to a very memorable event.