DJ Alex
DJ Alex of The DC DJs
DJ Alex of The DC DJs

Living in the heart of Washington D.C. DJ Alex is surrounded with the life, the culture, and most of all the music. Hip Hip, EDM, Latin, Rock you name it, heโ€™s played it and been inspired by it. Producer by day and DJ by night, music has always been a major part of Alexโ€™s life.

Alex started his musical journey in 8th-grade when he produced a heavy metal song using a fake plastic guitar and the drum app on his iPod touch. He was inspired to make and play music by bands like Sum 41 and Linkin Park. He learned how to play the guitar in high school and wrote songs throughout college. Three months before he graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in Computer Science, he fell in love with dance music. He started learning how to produce EDM and took up DJing. Since then he has performed at numerous events around the DMV, playing all genres and for a variety of clients. Making your wedding a party is his #1 goal, and in his second year with theDCdjs he plans to continue making awesome weddings from your playlist, catered to your crowd!


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