School Dances

Having a School Dance?

Then look no further for a quality, reliable, and fun DJ. With our years of experience, and top quality equipment, we will make sure your school has a worry free great time.



Our DJs have not only vast musical knowledge, but they know how to keep the party going! School dances are destined to be some of the most memorable events for your students, let us make it an amazing memory.


The correct lighting has the ability to transform a barn into a ballroom, or a gym into a nightclub. Let us plan and execute everything from uplighting to haze effects to make your school dance pop.


As the master of ceremonies, our DJs will engage your students, lead activities, and ensure that the flow of the event is maintained. Being vocally trained, and ready for anything allows our DJs to emcee your dance with ease.


Having so many dances under our belt, we know a thing or two about making one successful. Let us help you plan everything from venue setup, to lighting, to even order. We are here to help and meet when necessary to go over EVERY detail!

Dueling DJs

Want to try something unique at your dance? How about a Dueling DJs show where not only is the music hot, and the dancing never stops, but YOU are in on the action. Ask us about our interactive Dueling DJs show, that can take your dance to another level.

Video and Effects

If you want more than lighting and music, why not step it up a notch with video. We can either play music videos of your favorite songs, or effects. If you want we can also custom make monograms for walls and floors. We comply with all county regulations including clean material and fog/haze.

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